Fun ways to show off your logo

9 Fun Ways to Show Off Your Logo

What leads us to remember experiences, products, people and places? When we feel that little tingle of “ooooooh”! It helps secure a special little spot in our memory. What can you offer that gives customers a little sense of wow or an extra smile? A little something extra (branded, of course!) or a special unboxing experience can be the thing to turn a customer into an advocate and fan! 

So, are you looking for some fun ways to make your logo shine? Here are some of my all-time favourites, produced either by me or my clever clients, from the simple and affordable to downright unique.

A few faves to amp up your brand:

Wax seals

Sure to bring a smile to your customer’s mouths. Tactile and textural, they are a touchy-feely pop of class. Wax seals are an amazing way to show quality and craftsmanship. Think paper and boxes but also bottles and jars (like reserve wines or your signature product gift pack). 

Wax seals for branding and packaging
Wax seals for branding and packaging – Emerald Fine Teas by Studio 8 Design

Branded tissue paper and stickers

A super delightful way to enhance and brand anything packaged. This is the time to pull out your brand pattern, brand graphics, logomark or branded illustrations. You could even use some fun words or quotes. Get creative and show a bit more personality and you’re sure to bring a smile to your customers.

Custom tissue paper and stickers for SubRosa Wine
Branding for SubRosa Wines, Studio 8 Design

Rubber stamps

I know, they’re everywhere, but for good reason. Not to be underestimated, there are a million uses for the hand-printed rubber stamp. They add a hand-crafted touch, are inexpensive, and are so versatile they can be used on just about anything. Think packaging, cards, bags or tissue paper. 

Rubber Stamp design for branding
Rubber Stamp for Gilman & Co branding design, Studio 8 Design

Metallic foil

Yes, foiling costs more, but we humans are attracted to bling! It is a powerful branding tool, which is why it’s so prominent (just look at any wine shelf). It stands the heck out and shouts “I’m worth it!” For branding, foiling is one of the first go-tos to communicate quality. And don’t just think shiny gold, there are subtle brushed coppers or pearl tones that can be equally seductive. 

Metallic foil for branding
Branding design for Blossom & Bee, Studio 8 Design
Metallic hot press foil design
Hot foil printing in copper – Naturo branding, Studio 8 Design

Laser engraved wood

It gives a feeling of tried and true. For more permanent fixtures, or fun and fancy items to sell or use for promotion, you can’t go past engraved wood. It has a gorgeous solid permanence and will surely get attention. 

Laser cut wood logo
Flame Brothers Branding, Studio 8 Design – laser cut wood

Embossing stamp

I don’t hide the the fact that I love my Studio 8 embossing stamp and use it on everything. Like the rubber stamp, it is inexpensive and versatile (and doesn’t run out of ink!) Highly recommend to make an impression (literally!) in packaging or print material. It adds a little flair of the third dimension which is super stand-out and showcases quality. 

Embossing stamp for branding
Studio 8 Design embossing stamp

Printing on wood

Incredibly attention-grabbing, these are environmentally friendly and sure-as-heck noticeable. Of course it’s more expensive than paper, but this is something that won’t get thrown away. A great thought for architects, builders, furniture stores or boutique shops.

Wood print business cards for branding
Printing on wood – Saltwood Build branding design by Studio 8 Design

Letterpress printing

The process involves hand-applied ink pressed against paper. The result is an authentic, tactile impression that just begs for fingers to be run over it. An old-world printing system which is regaining appeal in todays digital world because it showcases craftsmanship. 

Letterpress printing – Foxtail Gin Co by Studio 8 Design

Glow in the dark paving stones

You read that right. Imagine my delight when my client says, “hey guess what we did with our logo?!” then shows me the pathway to the cellar door, with their logomark inset in glow in the dark stones. Fun during the day, spectacular at night!  

Glow in the dark stones
Glow in the dark stones for paving. Branding design for Pomonal Estate by Studio 8 Design.

Get it out there!

We brand designers are always harping on about consistency and getting your logo and branding seen and heard. Why? Because consistency and recognition build trust. And trust = sales. The proven bottom line is that people buy from brands they trust and visual branding is the #1 way to make that happen. The above ideas are just a few of millions, but the most important take-away is to make an impact and be memorable. 

So, get your logo out there! Again and again. Keep reminding people that your amazing business exists and what value you create for your audience, then do it over and over. On average, It takes 8 times, yes 8, for a person to take notice of you. So take that amazing strategically designed branding of yours, be consistent and clever, and keep it at the forefront of the minds and hearts of your ideal customers and clients. 

I’d love it if you would drop me a comment to let me know your favourite way to get your logo out there. And make sure to follow me on instagram or sign up for my newsletter (or both!) for heaps of small business branding tips and tricks.

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