- Brand Strategy
- Branding and Logo Design
- Print Design

Services: Brand Strategy workshop and strategy roadmap, Business naming, Logo design and branding package. Logo for use on building and window signage, vehicle signage, and uniforms. Printing and design of business cards (including a wood-print card), invitations, promotional material, banners and letterhead.

Saltwood Build is the complete rebrand for Grampian Concept Homes. Studio 8 worked closely with Ken and Dawn through the process of building their new showroom to design a new name and brand that reflects a focus on lifestyle and their “Live, Cook, Bathe, Relax” tagline. The name and logo is fresh and modern to suit their beautiful new Kitchen and Bathroom Showroom alongside the Saltwood Design and Building centre. With growth at hand, Studio 8 has also run a brand strategy workshop on site and helped develop future strategic direction for the branding.

"Sara's quiet confidence and vision, right from our early conversations, has lead to the business we are today. Having someone with as much talent as Sara to help guide and channel our flowing ideas into real and powerful branding has been a game-changer. I would 110% encourage you to take the leap and work with Sara, her work stands alone and neither you or your business will look back!

Number 1 best thing she did was gently push us towards a name change with our new brand! Giving us the confidence to take that first leap has flowed through into everything else. Love the clear consistency a quality designed BRAND has, and is, continuing to give us."

-Dawn clark, saltwood builD