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Our rebranding for Subrosa

Reinvigorate your business with a carefully considered rebrand. Join us on a journey through the vineyards as we explore Adam and Nancy's rebranding story. With a desire to encapsulate the premium, hand-crafted essence of their small-batch wines, they sought out our expert rebranding services.


Studio 8 Design Rebranding Services:

At Studio 8, we understand that brands evolve, and so do their stories. Our rebranding services are designed to help your brand pivot, stay relevant, and resonate with your target audience. From subtle logo adjustments to complete brand overhauls, we offer a range of services including new logo and visual branding design, new websites, packaging refresh, and brand style guide creation.

•  Developing a full tailored rebranding strategy roadmap
•  Rebranding strategy workshops
•  Designing a new creative brand identity
•  Design and development of new website to reflect your rebrand
•  Strategic business name development if required
•  Rebranded print and digital marketing materials
• Re-aligning mission statements, vision statements, customer journeys, competitor analysis, etc.

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Our Challenge

modernise the brand, allowing it to stand out on the shelf without losing its inherent appeal.

Our challenge was to enhance Adam and Nancy's branding to mirror the premium and hand-crafted feel of their wines, while retaining the spirit of their existing logo. The new rebranding service needed to modernize the brand, allowing it to stand out on the shelf without losing its inherent appeal.

Our solution

Our approach to providing rebranding services to Adam and Nancy's winery involved understanding the essence of their brand and the quality of their wines. We subtly refined their logo to exude a handmade appeal, introduced a contemporary, clean, and crafted color palette and fonts, and revamped the wine labels to mirror the rebrand.

The use of classic navy blue added a distinct touch that ensured shelf visibility. To help them maintain their brand consistency in the future, we provided a comprehensive brand style guide.

How our rebranding service works


Start with a Consultation:


Research and Strategy

Following our initial discussion, I conducts an in-depth analysis of your business, audience, and industry trends. This research informs the development of a comprehensive rebranding strategy tailored to your unique needs and designed to position you ahead of your competition.


Concept Creation

With a strategy in place, we dive into creating the concept for your new brand identity. This includes everything from your logo, color palette, typography, to visual styles. We'll present you with a set of options, gather your feedback, and refine them until we have a design that truly encapsulates your business.



After finalizing the concept, we move on to executing the rebrand across all your platforms and touchpoints. This is a meticulous process to ensure consistency and maximum impact when the new brand goes live.


Post-Launch Support

We don't just leave you after the launch. We'll stick around to monitor the impact of the rebrand, make necessary tweaks, and provide support as you navigate this exciting new phase of your business.


Sara helped evolve our SubRosa wine brand. It was a daunting process as it is our family business. She helped us make small changes that most would not notice, but we do. The branding package delivered is easy to use.

The branding package included an updated word mark and logo mark, new fonts, background imagery and a colour palette. The colour pallet recently helped me choose a wardrobe for a photo shoot with Country Style magazine - which delivered beautiful on-brand imagery.

Working with Sara was a true collaboration. She has helped us take our brand to the next level. We look forward to an ongoing relationship with her for all our design needs.

We are extremely pleased with Sara's work to update our SubRosa wine label. She absolutely delivered on our brief. We are extremely happy with the final result."


How much do you charge for rebranding?

The cost of our rebranding services varies depending on the scope of the project, the complexity of the work involved, and the specific needs of the business. We offer bespoke solutions that are tailored to your brand and business goals. For an accurate quote, please get in touch with us to discuss your project in detail.

What ARE rebranding services?

Rebranding services are a set of professional solutions aimed at updating and refining a company's brand identity. This can include a variety of elements such as the logo, color scheme, fonts, packaging design, messaging, and overall brand strategy. Rebranding can help businesses stay relevant, appeal to a new or wider audience, and reflect any significant changes in their products, services, or market position.

Is it worth IT to rebrand?

Absolutely, rebranding can be incredibly beneficial for businesses in many scenarios. It can help your company stay current, appealing, and relevant in a rapidly evolving market. A successful rebrand can also better align your business with its values, target audience, and business goals. However, it's important to note that rebranding should be a strategic decision based on in-depth market research, clear objectives, and an understanding of your customer base. Done right, rebranding can invigorate your business, foster a stronger connection with your audience, and drive growth.

When is the best time to do a rebrand?

The ideal time for a rebrand varies depending on the specific circumstances of your business. Here are a few instances when you might consider a rebrand:

Business Evolution: If your company has significantly evolved over the years - perhaps you've expanded your product line, entered new markets, or shifted your business strategy - a rebrand can help you reflect these changes and align your brand identity with your current business reality.

Outdated Branding: If your branding feels outdated or no longer aligns with your company's vision and the expectations of your target audience, it might be time for a rebrand.

Merger or Acquisition: If your company is merging with another or has been newly aquired, a rebrand is often necessary to unify the new entity under a cohesive brand identity.

Reputation Management: If your business has experienced negative publicity or poor reviews, a rebrand can help you distance yourself from past issues and signify a fresh start.

Changing Market Dynamics: If there are significant shifts in your industry or target audience's preferences, a rebrand can help you stay relevant and competitive.

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