Summer Colour Palette

This is the colour palette of Summer for me. This palette feels like sand dunes, salty air, warm breeze, dried grass and long, quiet nights. It is the time for beach picnics, road trips, linen pants, citronella candles and late night laughter with friends. It’s the time to crank up the pizza ovens and share a glass of rosé under festoon lights.

Most importantly for me it is a time to recharge, gather strength and put pen to paper with ideas for the upcoming year. In our local Gariwerd Aboriginal calendar it is Ballambar, the season for warmth, butterflies and wetland plants. Heat dries the country and beetles and moths gather around the lights at night.

One of my all-time favourite parts of my work is creating custom colour palettes for my branding and web design clients. There is so much interest and beauty in colour, but also a HUGE amount of psychology and strategy in choosing the right palettes for a brand.

Here is an airy, light, sandy colour palette to celebrate the slow days of Summer holidays!



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