Kangaroo Paw - Spring colour palette

Spring Colour Palette

Spring has definitely sprung! 🌸And after a relentless period of rain and lockdowns, it is more welcome than ever. In our local Gariwerd Aboriginal calendar, it is the season of Petyan, known as the time where the wildflowers bloom. The weather is unpredictable and the bushland comes to life with the warmer days.

I soooo welcome the warmth and longer days. 😎I don’t do well with the cold rainy days (I got more than my fill growing up in the Pacific Northwest). I think I may be part lizard and need my sun time to thrive. There is an optimistic energy at this time of year – perhaps even a celebration of survival of Winter. Time to start bringing out the Rosé and festoon lights!

I love watching nature come to life in the Australian bush during this time of year. The array of wildlife outside my studio window (emus, echidnas, cockatoos, kangaroos and wallabies) 🦘are a source of constant entertainment. I always come back from my walks with a little sprig or two of something in flower.

Here is a fresh calm colour palette to celebrate the hopeful days of Spring! 🌺]]

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