Infusing Artistry into Wine Label Design

Pomonal Estate Case Study

Unleash the potential of your wine brand with an exquisite label design that truly reflects its quality and character. This service page, highlighting our work with Pomonal Estate, underscores our expertise in creating distinctive and appealing wine label designs that not only communicate the unique story of the wine but also make it stand out on the shelf.



How important is wine label design in marketing wines?

Wine label design plays a crucial role in the marketing of wines. The label is often the first point of contact for consumers and can greatly influence their purchase decision. A well-designed label tells the story of the wine, captures its character, and appeals to the tastes of the target demographic.

How do you ensure that the wine labels you design meet legal requirements?

We have extensive knowledge of the regulations governing wine label design and work closely with our clients to ensure that all labels meet industry standards and legal requirements. This includes the correct presentation of mandatory information like alcohol content, origin, and allergens.

Can you design labels for both bottles and boxes?

Absolutely, we can design labels for a variety of wine packaging formats, including both bottles and boxes. Our designs ensure a consistent brand image across all packaging types, enhancing brand recognition and appeal.

The Challenge

capture the fun, vibrant nature of their small-batch craft beers and ciders,

Crafting a wine label for Pomonal Estate that not only resonates with their brand values of handcrafted quality and regional authenticity, but also stands out among a sea of competitors on retail shelves.

Our solution

We started by understanding the unique attributes of Pomonal Estate's wines and their commitment to local produce and craftsmanship. We designed a hand-inked logo reflecting their friendly, artisanal approach and designed wine labels that communicated the quality of their craft. The labels balance aesthetics and information, presenting an appealing visual that encapsulates the brand's identity and story while providing consumers with essential details about the wine.

Studio 8 Design Services:

Navigating the intricacies of wine branding can be complex, but our wide array of services aims to simplify that journey for you. We offer everything from wine label design to comprehensive wine branding, and even compliance assistance to ensure your labels meet all industry and legal standards. Let us help you create a visually stunning and legally compliant brand that captivates consumers and tells your wine's unique story.

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•  Branding Strategy
•  Branding Design
•  Packaging Design
•  Wine Label design 
•  Print Design
•  Logo Design

•  Website Design
•  Signage Design
•  Brand Guidelines
•  Brand Collateral design such as business cards, brochures, stationery,
social media graphics, email templates, and other branded materials to
maintain visual consistency across all touch points.

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