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What should EVERY logo have?

Whether you are planning on hiring me, another professional designer, or even tackling your logo yourself, here are a few key points that every successful logo must have.

Your logo needs to tick all these boxes:

✔️ It must be simple, uncluttered and easy to understand. Your logo is not the time to include all of your business offerings. (Your other brand touch-points are for that). Your logo needs to be easily identifiable and understandable in a singular moment.

✔️ It must be aligned to your customers, industry, and business vision. A logo needs to – first and foremost – reach your customers. We try to focus on those amazing, perfect potential customers and clients and design for them. It should also reflect the culture, vision and mission of your business.

✔️ It must be unique, show the personality of your business and stray from “too trendy”. While having an up-to date look is important, following the fads of logo design will mean that you will fall through the cracks and will need to rebrand as the trends fade.

✔️ Be scalable to your businesses growth. If you decide to change your offerings, or alter your services, your logo should still work. This involves making sure each component of your logo can be successful regardless of a few twists in the road.

✔️ Work for any application. Make sure there are umpteen different versions and formats of your logo ensures that if will work on something as small as a social media profile icon or as large as a billboard. It should be able to be produced in multiple colour ways, and should always work just as well in black (or one colour).

Are you ready to invest in a logo and brand that ticks all the boxes and MANY more? Head to the Work with Me page on my website and let’s meet up for a free virtual coffee date to see if we may be a good fit to work together.

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