Here’s why *NOT* to hire me

Now, don’t get me wrong. I would LOVE to be your designer, but I want you to find the right designer (trust me, your designer does too!). I’d really like to help with that!

Finding the right designer for can sound intimidating, particularly for big jobs and branding. (I’ve known clients who’ve sat on this decision for years!) Regardless of which designer you choose, I encourage you to decide on a someone with whom you are comfortable, in whose abilities you are confident and whose style you really resonate with.

Every designer has a unique skill set. Creative brains come in all shapes and sizes and no two of us are the same, nor do we offer the same products, ways of thinking, systems, software knowledge, or education levels. You will know. Trust your gut. It’s like dating, you will know when it’s not right (well, most of the time)!

Another note is that the process is nearly as important as the results. For me, it is a big deal that you are happy not only with the end result, but through the entire design process. I want you to have a positive experience. Building a design for your starting or growing business should be fun, smooth and easy. I use a workflow system that I’ve taken years upon years to develop and fine-tune (through Trello boards, Dubsado, Google Drive and Calendars…but trust me, it’s super simple!) and have beautiful feedback on my process. Not only is everything succinct and organised, but fun to use as well.

Our amazing Trello board Basecamp

So, here’s why NOT to hire me:

✔️ You don’t really resonate with my style (check out my portfolio to find out!) While a good designer can work into any style, we are better matched if you like my work and I like what you do too!

✔️ If you find yourself saying “I just need a designer to…” (cue red flags). Just as you don’t want any ol’ caregiver for your children or architect for your house, you shouldn’t want just any designer to work with you on your business. If you do, well, sufficed to say, it’s probably not going to be me. Keep in mind that designers are all very different. While some designers are fine to just “whip something up”, I like to really sink into a project. I’m probably not your match if you just want something off the shelf and not unique to you.

✔️ If you need something yesterday. Yes, urgent projects come up. It’s the nature of business. While I’ll do my best to accommodate your timeframes, please keep in mind that I typically book up in advance and won’t always be able to help. Please ask just in case!

✔️ You don’t have your sh$%!@# together! If you don’t have a clear idea of what your business does, how you fit into it and what you need, the process can be painful, and will likely waste your time and money. Absolutely I can help brainstorm the best solutions to your needs but this all needs to be worked out before starting a design job. In order for me to book in a print job, I need to know that you’ve got your copy, images, etc as close to final as possible. If you are starting a business and are looking for branding, I understand that you may not know it all now. We go through strategy worksheets together to really nail this down, but you need to really have some idea of where you are trying to take the business first.

✔️ You aren’t willing to lock in a timeframe. In order to keep our project on track, it is important that we keep to a schedule – this helps both of us! (see below).

✔️ You are grumpy, demanding, want to dictate what the design looks like. Might go without saying…then again, might not. 😆

Being organised before the start of a job will make the whole process smooth

Ok, on a more positive note, here’s why we might be a great match:

✔️ You want unique, soulful, purposeful, strategic, beautiful design.

✔️ You are passionate about what you do and love the thought of having design that showcases that.

✔️ You like what you see. You resonate with my website, my portfolio and my words.

✔️ You are willing to trust my expertise.

✔️ You are happy to work with our timeframes to keep our project on schedule.

✔️ You are open to using my process. Fine-tuned over years, my process is designed to be smooth and simple. We use Trello boards together (free and super easy…and full video instructions) to keep everything in one place. They hold links to ALL our bits and pieces – contracts, invoices, to-dos, communication, images, content, final pieces, forms…everything! Neither of us needs to be sifting through chains of emails…Big yay for organisation!

✔️ You are happy to work with me to keep our project on schedule

✔️ You are ready to invest in great design with an experienced and passionate designer.

Think the two of us might be a good fit?

I’d love to have a little virtual coffee meeting with you to see if we can be a good match and listen to what you need. Hop onto “Work with me” at, fill in your details and I’ll be in touch soon 🙂



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