My website is “fine” …9 checks to make sure

I hear it all the time… “yeah, I think my website is fine.” Hmmm, are you really so sure?

When I hear someone say their website is “fine” it’s time to cue the big question marks. The bottom line is that if you use the word “fine” (rather than “great”!) it likely needs a bit of help. But do you really need a new website?

Let’s cut to the chase. Your site may work, but that doesn’t mean it is doing what it is capable of. I’ve had clients quite shocked that their new website design has tripled (or more) their inquiries. They may be surprised. I’m not.

Your website is your head honcho driver of sales. Regardless of how people first discover you, your website is where they look for validation. Is this business real? Are they up to date? Do they provide a QUALITY service or product?

A report by Stanford found that 75% of people judge a company by how its website looks. And 94% of people say that poor web design is the reason they mistrust a website – you betcha that translates to lost sales.

So, here are some questions that may help you evaluate whether your website needs a bit of TLC. And, before you ask, YES, these affect your Google rankings / SEO! Let’s dive in:

9 Questions to answer:

  • Do you have even one image that is low quality or pixelated? Do images get cut off in odd places on different screen sizes? Poor images are one of the first things that people notice and chances are that even one low quality image can affect viewer’s perceptions (sad, but true).
  • How long has it been since you’ve updated your site? If you tell me it has been 5 years, your website is not “fine”! Things move fast ’round these parts, and Google will recognise your old site as less than noteworthy, placing you towards the bottom of those search listings.
  • Does it look just as good on mobile devices – is it designed with different screen sizes in mind? Mobile accounts for just over half of website traffic. Does it require your viewer to do any screen pinching or horizontal scrolling? Eeek, no good my friend.
  • Does it match your branding in EVERY way – colours, fonts, textures, logos, treatment of photos? See stats above! A perfectly on-brand website will create trust in your viewers.
  • Do you get lots of website visits but no conversions? There are lots of tricks and tips to help funnel your viewers where you want them without being overly “salesy”. It’s often simply knowing what content to put on what page. (Hint: my free Website Content Creation Guide can help with that)
  • Does it match the quality of love, care and passion that you put into your products or services? (Hint: what people see here is what they will expect from your product).
  • Can people even find your site? How’s your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) doing? There are 4.8 billion internet users in the world. Make sure they can discover you! Hone in on your keywords and make sure they are all over inside your site.
  • Have you DIYed your site? I’m sure you did a great job at the time. Of course not everyone is is a position to invest in a good website at the start of their business. But if it’s lasted a few years and your business is cranking along, it may be time to release the DIY reigns. Let’s be honest, particularly if it is self-designed, there are likely design holes that you don’t even see. I’d almost guarantee that there are bits that are a wee bit fugly (sorry, not sorry). You may not see if if it’s your own child, but having some other eyes on it to assess can be a great idea (particularly from a designer – see below!).
  • Are you proud to call it home? We’ll end on this one. Your website is your home online. It is your foundation. You should be proud of it. You should want to show it off and shout it from the rooftops. It is also the only bit of online presence that belongs to you – the only thing you can control. You have no handle over Instagram changing its algorithms again or someone leaving you a bad review. If your website (and branding) is strong and something you show with head held high, the little glow of pride will translate to sales.

Your results

If you feel like you may have discovered that your site may not be so fine after all, don’t fret. Investing in a new website doesn’t have to be scary. Having a website designed with strategy, purpose, functionality and branding in mind will simplify your life, not complicate it. And it’s possible to have a site that is easy to maintain yourself so that you can keep it fresh, up to date and search-engine loved.

And here’s another thing – you won’t regret it. No one ever regrets it. You are about to fall in love with your business all over again!

Are you ready?

If you are ready to take the plunge and have your site re-designed, I would love to chat. Hop on my Work With Me page and fill in the form for a free 20-minute Zoom coffee meeting with me. I offer fully custom site builds designed to be gorgeous and functional. I am proud to also offer site builds in the amazing Showit platform. Head to:

Sidenote: A question I get asked often is whether it is necessary to put a whole new site together or whether we can just update what is there. Obviously, that depends on a few factors, but generally I recommend an entirely new site. For me, it is often more difficult and time consuming to revamp an existing site. I like a blank canvas and feel stifled by pre-existing templates and boundaries. While each case is different, it won’t necessarily save you dollars by using what you’ve got.

However, if you feel you may just need a professional eye over your website, I offer consultation by the hour and can have a look over your existing site to see what it may need to amp it up just that little bit more.

Free Website Content Creation Guide

Is this the year for a new website? Great news! I’ve got a value-packed freebie that will help you create the perfect copy, images and messaging. My Website Content Creation Guide will assist you with tips, tricks and tools to help your website really work for you. With page-by-page breakdowns, checklists, and guided tips for choosing images, getting keywords and solidifying your message, it is packed to the brim with value.

You’ll find 27 pages of simple, bite-sized plans, worksheets and all the basics to give you a website that truly converts, whether working with a designer or doing it on your own.

This is the exact guide that I send my web design clients! All yours. You can thank me later!

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