Painting Winter palette

Winter colour palette

Ahhh, Winter. And, as Winters go, this one’s been a doozy. In our local Gariwerd Aboriginal calendar, it is the season of nesting birds (Larneuk), known for wild weather changes, rain and high waters. And wet it has been! I finally got a tiny glimpse of sunshine on my back for the first time in ages today and it felt like heaven. I momentarily stopped my web search for plans to build an arc.

Winter colour palette
Winter palette

Winter (and this colour palette) is the glory of warming red wine, fireplaces, down jackets and the allowance of a few more coffees. It is a new pair of cozy wool socks, vivid stars, chocolate, dark moody skies, hot tea and spontaneous snow trips. Mornings often come sheeted in icy crystals. Leaves collect shimmering droplets and the sound of rain on the rooftops hums us to sleep. Some days are still. Others, the wind howls so loudly that my little studio feels like it will take flight. My little mountain town, usually packed with tourists, has surrendered to quiet and stillness and blankets of clouds.

It’s also a time to hibernate, hunker down, recharge, get some stuff off my business to-do list, and slooooow dowwwwn. I have come to appreciate this season a little more as a time for a bit re-birth, in business but also in self. With stillness of mind and body, creativity flourishes.

Here is a beautiful cool colour palette to celebrate the slow days of Winter!

As as sidenote, I am passionate about designing strategic, inspiring and purposeful colour palettes for my branding clients. If you are a soulful small business looking to hire a branding designer, I’d love to work with you. Just follow the link to find out more!



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