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what’s it all about?

The stuff of dreams? Well, meet your wish-granting fairy godmother of design.

Our signature “Design Powerhouse Sessions” are our day-rate (or half-day) model for all a-la-carte, digital and print design projects. These sessions are a fully dedicated, head-down, super efficient way to power through your list of design jobs to take your brand to the next level with ease and smoothness. 

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...And because they are designed for ultimate efficiency, we can even do a mini-brand or starter website in a day!


We eliminate the oh-so-draining back and forth of emails, refinements, and approvals, that can take weeks for even the smallest project. This takes a toll on both you and I. (And can suck the life from a project!) These sessions drop the drain and replace it with creative momentum.  



You receive my full design brain and all of my focus for the span of the session. I’m not checking emails, working on side projects or getting notifications. No multitasking means that you get all of me and as a result, better flow, creativity and ultimately, better design. My focus is yours alone!





You've got a lot on your plate! Running a successful business means there are a LOT of projects on the go. Let me take that weight off your shoulders! What if that big ol’ list of design projects could be ticked off in a day. Doesn’t that make you smile with relief already?



Print or digital marketing materials
Social media templates
Mini-brand in a day
Starter website in a day
Signage design
Packaging design
Canva templates
Refresh your current branding
Consultation on brand strategy, design or web

What can we do

I am Owner and Creative Director of Studio 8, a bespoke graphic design studio run by passion, an artisan approach to design and lots of strong coffee.

I established Studio 8 in 2003 on the principle that purposeful, impactful and creative design has the power to make a business thrive.

For the past two decades, I've helped empower hundreds of businesses by creating soulful, strategic branding and websites to elevate them to the next level of possibility.

You are in the most capable hands possible with your Powerhouse Day. Let’s make your designs shine!

I'm Sara.
I know how to bring those visions of yours to life.

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  • A copy of our Website Content Creation Guide worksheets to help you nail perfect website copy and images.
  • Connection of your domain name and security certificate.
  • Recorded Zoom tutorial to show you how to easily manage and edit your own site.
  • Full transfer of all site contents

STARTER WEBSITE in a day also includes:


What's Included:

  • Welcome Guide
  • Personalised Trello Studio Hub Board
  • 2 hrs. re-session work (1 hour for 1/2 day)
  • 1 hr post-session finalisation
  • Touch-base call the day before
  • Handover of all design assets created through the day as print-ready pdf files.
  • 14 days support for post-session questions 


  • Our signature Brand Discovery worksheets to help design your brand with solid strategy.
  • Full logo/branding package with every file format needed for future use
  • Brand style guide
  • Our signature Brand Resource guide (checklists, resources, video tutorials and more to launch and keep your brand running with ease & consistency.

Mini-brand in a day also includes:

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Infinite battery life, no loading time, no data fees.



Wouldn't it be awesome if these were wearable?


We use a process that is simple (even fun!) to organise and streamline our work together. Our shared Studio Hub Trello board will keep everything in one place before and during our Powerhouse Session. It will hold links to ALL our bits and pieces - contract, invoices, to-dos, communication, images, content, final pieces, forms... everything! It makes our work smooth and flowing. Trello is simple and I'll include a video to walk you through. Our Trello Studio Hub is the thing that brings beautiful ease and efficiency to our session. No sifting through chains of emails or wondering where that file is...Massive yay for organisation!   

your Studio
Hub Trello board

Three cheers for smooth and efficient!


I love the way Sara structures her sessions. It was such an easy process, from uploading everything to her system, communicating with her and approving the files. It is great to get your files all in the same day and have them off to the printer that day. In the past with designers it was so much back and forth - this was instant which was great!
Everything I asked for was accomplished in the session. Sara has been fantastic to work with. I really love her system and it worked so well for us to get everything quickly. She listened to what we wanted, it was easy to communicate through the Trello Hub and the end design looked great. I love the professionalism she brings to all her designs; it portrays the image we are after. We will definitely do this again! 

Sheridan Rollard, SHINE SKIN & BODY

Danielle Lahane, YOGA IN NATURE

The Powerhouse session with Sara was affordable, comprehensive but easy, quick and surprisingly fun. Sara has this ability to really listen to what I was asking for, and bring it to life. A lot was achieved in a very short time and with very little effort on my behalf. I could not be happier with the results. This has been a really enjoyable experience. It was really exciting to see all that was discussed with Sara prior to the day come together easily and quickly...from my end anyway :). The information provided before the session was comprehensive but easy to follow and if I was not sure on anything, this was covered in the pre-session catch up with Sara. The Trello board was great as when I thought of ideas, photos etc I could just add them easily and correspond easily with Sara as everything was all in the one place. Thank you!"

what clients love



Start  here

First, find an available day below. (Please choose a session where you will be available throughout the day for communication and feedback.) 

Book Your Day

The form below lets me know a bit about you and your projects. If needed, we’ll schedule a call to determine if a Powerhouse day is right for you. 



I’ll send an invoice for your 50% deposit and an agreement form. Once these are returned, you are officially booked! Get excited!





The day before, we’ll schedule a call to touch base and ensure we are on the same page before the big day ahead.


Studio Hub

I’ll send your personal Studio Hub board in Trello, to simply manage our work together. Now the fun begins!


A Powerhouse Session may be a good fit if:


You know that the expertise of a qualified, experienced and strategic designer will be well worth the investment. You resonate with my work and get excited about working with me to create unique, soulful, purposeful, beautiful design.


 You have so many visions and projects swirling around in your head with little time to do them. You love the thought of getting them all off your plate in one fell swoop. You know that investing this way will earn you back loads of valuable hours so you can focus on what you do best!


 You have a strong idea of what you need and are confident that you will have your content and images ready so that we can make the most of our day together. You are happy to use our systems to make the session super smooth and efficient. 

But, it may not be best if:

You won't be ready

 These days require that you submit all of your content and images for the project one week before the session. This gives me time to do my pre-session work to ensure the day goes like clockwork.


If you aren't entirely sure what you need and are still tossing ideas around, it means the day won't run smoothly and you won’t get the most from your investment. If you need consultancy first, let's chat!


Of course you will be getting amazing design. However, let’s be frank, fast isn’t for everyone. If you need an expertly crafted brand or website, strategically and thoughtfully designed to empower your business for connection and growth, please enquire about a custom service here>.
Also, see our FAQs below.


It is important to note that these sessions are based on time, not deliverables. While I am very speedy as a highly experienced designer, I am still a mere mortal. If you have umpteen jobs, please consider that you may need multiple days. 

8 hours
+3 hours pre/post session

The Investment


Full Day

Multiple days @full Day rate


Half Day

4 hours
+2 hours pre/post session

Bookings require a 50% deposit to lock in your day. Remaining 50% is due before design handover.

The nature of these sessions is efficiency, but they are limited and booked on a first-come, first-served basis. Please try to book your session 4 weeks in advance if possible.

Please book below, whether needing a full or half day.




What if I only have one small project?

This may give you an opportunity to think of some other projects, even if they were ideas that you were planning to tackle yourself. You’ve got my creative brain for the day (or half-day). You can use it for anything - an assessment of your website or branding, a brochure design, another variation of your logo, forms and stationery, whatever you decide.

I'm not near you - can we still work together?

Absolutely. I work with clients all over the world. Powerhouse sessions are run remotely so that I can fully concentrate without distraction. Most of our communication will be via phone or our Hub. We can use Zoom to screenshare at any point through the day if needed.

Our invoicing system works well in every country.

Do you have anything less than a half-day?

A half-day is my minimum rate. Unfortunately, projects that take less than that are not financially viable for my business model. If you are in need of a simple batch of business cards (for example) and absolutely nothing else, you may be best to take your branding assets to another designer or print shop to have them done there. (Also check out question #2 above!)

How do I know how much time to book?

I certainly don’t expect you to know how much time it takes to design your list or priorities - there are a hundred variables! If you are unsure whether you may need a half-day, full day or multiple days to ensure you get everything you need finished, please send me an email before you book. We can chat and I will let you know a recommendation. 

Can you deliver X, Y and Z in a day?

Before our session, I get you to list all of your jobs in order of priority. During the session, I will start from the top of the list. As there are a huge number of factors in the timeframe of each project, I can’t guarantee deliverables. I can, however, estimate approximate times quite well so will let you know how much of a session it is likely to take. (See Question 4 above as well).

How does payment work?

Powerhouse Sessions require a 50% deposit to book and you can pay online once you schedule your day on this page. The other 50% will be due after your session, before your designs are delivered.

Payment can be done via credit card through our secure online payment system (Stripe) or direct deposit to our account. 

Mini-brand in a day - REALLY?

It is absolutely possible to design a mini-brand in a day! Your mini-brand will include the essentials to get you started. This is ideal for people who need to launch quickly and efficiently.

You will receive my signature Brand Discovery worksheets ahead of time, which help me (but also you!) gain insight on your business and customers. I will design a logo (text-based), two logomarks (logo variations), a suite of logo files, a colour palette and your brand fonts/type hierarchy. You’ll also receive a 1-2 page Brand Style Guide for your branding assets, my Graphic/Logo Usage Guide and an awesome Resource Guide to help you launch.

However, let’s be frank, it isn’t for everyone. You will be getting amazing brand assets unique to you but you are trading that for the customisation and strategic design that would go into a larger branding project. My standard custom branding design services are typically a 6-8 week turnaround and average $3500-$6000. If you are looking for an expertly crafted brand, strategically and thoughtfully designed to empower your business for connection and growth, please enquire for the full branding service! If you have a business or sub-brand that needs to be launched quickly, this could be just the right fit. (Note that the mini-brand is a customised text-based logo and does not typically include illustrations or graphics).

Starter website in a day - REALLY??

It is certainly possible to design a small website in a day! Your 3-4 page site will include a basic home page, about page, services page and an optional fillable contact form page (all totally on-brand!). I build out both the desktop and mobile versions. This is ideal for people who need to launch quickly and efficiently.

However, let’s be frank, it isn’t for everyone. You will be getting an amazing site but you are trading that for the customisation and strategic design that would go into a larger site build. Sites which include blogs, sales pages, e-commerce or additional pages are not possibly in a day.

My standard custom web design services are typically a 6-week turnaround and average $5000-$7000. If you are looking for a custom-built website optimised for growth and conversion, please enquire here! If you have a simple site and need it launched quickly, this could be just the right fit (note: we can always add more later!)

Another note: your site will be designed in the amazing Showit platform (my favourite!). Your Showit web hosting subscription and domain name purchase is separate and I’ll work with you to set this up before the day. Once the site is built, I will transfer it to you and run you through a training to show you how easy it is to edit and manage yourself!

Do I need to be with you in person?

No, I work from my studio and you are free to work through the day from your home or workplace. We are in touch through the day via phone, text, Trello messages or if needed, a quick Zoom screen share. Just ensure you choose a day that allows you to be available for quick feedback (not a day of meetings and appointments). If you are close by and would rather work together on the day, just let me know.

Do I need to be available on the day?

Yes, this is a collaborative day and the success of the day hinges greatly on prompt feedback as we design. Please choose a day free of other commitments or meetings to get the most from your day. 

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