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Pomonal Estate Beer Case Study

Quench your brand's thirst with our unique beer brand design. We specialise in creating compelling visual identities that capture the craft, taste, and personality of your beer, positioning your brewery to stand out in an increasingly crowded market.


Studio 8 Design Services:

Our beer brand design services extend from logo design and label creation to comprehensive brand strategy. We understand that your brand is more than just a name; it's a reflection of your brewing philosophy, the unique tastes you offer, and the story you want to tell. 

•  Brand Consultancy
•  Branding Strategy
•  Beer Branding Design
•  Packaging Design
•  Label design 
•  Print Design
•  Beer Logo Design

•  Unique Beer Artwork
•  Website Design
•  Signage Design
•  Brand Guidelines
•  Naming Consultancy
•  Brand Collateral design such as business cards, brochures, stationery,
social media templates and other branded materials to
maintain visual consistency across all touch points.

The Challenge

capture the fun, vibrant nature of their small-batch craft beers and ciders,

Pomonal Estate presented a unique challenge - to create a sub-brand for their microbrewery that resonated with the winery but also had its own distinct personality. The new brand needed to capture the fun, vibrant nature of their small-batch craft beers and ciders, as well as the local fauna that often visits the estate.

Our solution

Our approach was rooted in understanding the essence of Pomonal Estate's microbrewery - the hand-crafted nature of their beers and the local influences. We chose a woodblock print style for the illustrations, reflecting both the hand-crafted process of the beer and the local wildlife. The creation of unique, fun names for each brew further emphasized the brand's personality and made each product memorable.


"Sara's quiet confidence and vision, right from our early conversations, has lead to the business we are today. Having someone with as much talent as Sara to help guide and channel our flowing ideas into real and powerful branding has been a game-changer. I would 110% encourage you to take the leap and work with Sara, her work stands alone and neither you or your business will look back!

Number 1 best thing she did was gently push us towards a name change with our new brand! Giving us the confidence to take that first leap has flowed through into everything else. Love the clear consistency a quality designed BRAND has, and is, continuing to give us."


How does beer brand design impact my beer business?

Beer brand design is crucial as it helps differentiate your brewery in a competitive market. It influences how customers perceive your beer, impacting their decision to try and purchase it. Good design also makes your brand more memorable, fostering customer loyalty. in today's craft beer market, this is huge!

Why is it important to have a unique name for each beer?

Unique names for each beer not only help customers remember them, but also create intrigue, encouraging customers to try them. These names can reflect the beer's taste, ingredients, brewing method, or even a story related to your brewery.

What is the process when creating a beer brand?

At Studio 8 Design we follow a distinct process to ensure that the final product truly represents the essence of your brand.

Client Brief and Brand Understanding: First, we sit down with you to understand your vision, the unique attributes of your beer, and your target audience. We familiarise ourselves with the brewer's story, the taste and ingredients of the beer, and the core values you want the brand to reflect.

Research and Conceptualisation: We then dive into market research to grasp the trends and standout elements in the current beer branding landscape. Drawing from these insights and our understanding of the your requirements, we start to conceptualise the brand.

Designing the Logo and Visual Elements: Once we have a concept in place, we begin with the creation of the logo and the visual elements. We pay great attention to colour schemes, typography, and imagery that align with the brand’s personality and resonate with the target demographic.

Beer Label Design: We understand that beer labels are the most crucial touchpoints and speak volumes about the brand. We take utmost care in designing labels that are engaging, compliant with regulations, and reflect the beer's uniqueness.

Packaging Design: The packaging design is also tailored to echo your brand aesthetics. This includes choosing the right bottle type, cap colour, carrier design, and overall presentation that complements your labels and brand's story.

Brand Guidelines and Style Guide: To ensure consistency in future brand communications, we provide a comprehensive style guide. This outlines the correct usage of the brand’s logo, colour palette, typography, and other visual elements.

Review and Refinement: We value your feedback and believe in a collaborative approach. We review the designs, refine them based on feedback, and ensure that the final branding truly represents the essence of the beer and the your full vision.

Delivery and Support: Once approved, we deliver the final designs and provide ongoing support as needed. We understand that your brand might need to evolve with time and market trends, and we are always ready to adapt and innovate.

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