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Red Rock Olives Branding

Elevate your product appeal with our aesthetic packaging design service, curated to captivate and engage. We fuse form and function to create visually stunning packaging that not only safeguards your product but also enhances your brand's presence.


Studio 8 Design Services:

At Studio 8, we create more than just pretty packages. We develop aesthetic packaging designs that tell your brand's story, communicate your values, and create an irresistible visual appeal that stands out on the shelf. We consider every detail, from color and shape to typography and material, creating a cohesive design that elevates your brand.

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The Challenge

create an aesthetic packaging design that reflected the brand's vibrant and lively nature.

Our mission with Red Rock Olives was to create an aesthetic packaging design that reflected the brand's vibrant and lively nature. The packaging needed to highlight the brand's commitment to sustainable production while also capturing consumers' attention on crowded shelves.

Our solution

We developed a vibrant, lively, and fun packaging design that embodied the spirit of Red Rock Olives. We used spot varnish on the labels to enhance the vivid colors and create a visual interest that grabs attention. The resulting aesthetic packaging design reflects the brand's sustainable ethos while also ensuring their products stand out on the shelves.


"The core of our farm gate business is the extra virgin olive oil and Sara did a brilliant job designing the label that the rest of our business has evolved around. She understood the strength of a great base and we have grown around the original design work.

Having a great label means that the product is speaking for you even if you are not present to discuss its virtues. Most purchase decisions happen in seconds and good design ensures sales.

10 years on and we still love our label, it's look and feel. Sara's ground work has allowed us to grow and develop our product range. I always look forward to showing her our next idea.

Sara is easy to communicate with and she has a thoughtful wholistic approach to what your business idea needs to present to the public. Always a joy to work with her."


What does 'aesthetic packaging design' mean?

Aesthetic packaging design refers to creating a visually appealing package that not only protects the product but also enhances the brand image. It involves the use of colour, typography, images, and textures that align with the brand's identity and resonate with the target audience. People purchase  products based on an emotional response to the brand, and products packaging is the largest part of that. Understanding how to make connections with your audience on an emotional and aesthetic level is what determines a product's success.

How does aesthetic packaging design contribute to brand identity?

Aesthetic packaging design plays a critical role in brand identity. It offers the first impression of a brand to consumers, communicates the brand's values and personality, and sets the product apart from competitors. A well-designed package can attract the target audience, evoke emotions, and promote customer loyalty.

What factors do you consider when designing packaging for a brand like Red Rock Olives?

When designing for a brand like Red Rock Olives, we are very strategic in our approach and consider a huge number of factors. Firstly, we aim to reflect the brand's mission, vision and core values - in this case, vibrant, lively, and sustainable production. Secondly, we gain a deep understanding of the ideal customer avatar, archetype and the customer sales journey. Our aim is was create packaging that is unique, visually appealing and stands out on crowded shelves. The use of spot varnish on the labels, for example, enhances the vivid colours and creates a point of visual interest. Lastly, we ensure that all packaging elements align with the brand's overall identity for a cohesive look and feel.

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